Community Savings Credit Union is offering $500 to Union Members impacted by the floods!

February 14, 2022

$20,000 of financial support is available for people impacted by floods. 

To help ease the burden of evacuations and loss, Community Savings Credit Union  is providing up to $20,000 of financial support to help union members impacted by flooding. We will provide $500 in funds directly to individual union members that require assistance. 

$20,000 will be distributed through the Fraser Valley Labour Council. The Fraser Valley Labour Council will be helping us reach out to their affiliate unions and  their membership. Please see the attached application form on how to apply for the support.

If you have experienced financial hardship due to flooding, Community Savings Credit Union is providing funds for financial support. To help people deal with the devastation of the flooding, $500 in funds is being made available to individual union members that have demonstrated a need for assistance. 

Community Savings is providing $20,000 in total flood funds to support union workers. Successful applicants will be determined by a review of impact and the priority of when the  application was received.

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